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Head Message
Professor Dr. Md. Shamimur Rahman
Head of GCE

Almost every major engineering achievement has been made possible by advancements in materials. Ceramics were the first engineered materials. From the humble beginnings of clay-based pottery, ceramics are now at the heart of nearly every modern technology. Ceramics play pivotal roles in electronics (from computers to cell phones), in transportation (from roadways to vehicles), in defense systems (from armor to guidance systems), and in environmental technologies (from catalytic...


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Ceramic materials are represented by some of the oldest known man-made object. But the Ceramic Engineers today is concerned with a far greater range of materials, properties and applications. The task of Glass and Ceramic Engineer is to design the processing techniques to create materials with optimized performance in electronic, magnetic, optical, chemical or biological applications which is achieved by controlling the microstructure of the material. Glass and Ceramic Engineers deal with not only traditional materials like whitewares, refractories, insulators, glassware’s, cement etc. but also advanced materials like cutting tools and abrasives, sensors and actuators, fuel cell, multi-ferroic materials, fibre optics and solar cells, bio-ceramics, nano-composites, glass fibre, toughened glass etc. In order to compete in global market, the processing of glass and ceramic products must go under beneficiation process supervised by qualified engineers, educationalists and researchers of the respective sectors.Being aware of the rising demands of Glass and Ceramic materials in modern technology, the Ministry of Education of Bangladesh granted funds for the establishment of Glass & Ceramic Engineering Department (GCE) in Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology (RUET), Rajshahi. Finally, the department came into being with academic activities on 23rd April, 2010 through the guidance of University Grant Commission (UGC).The Glass & Ceramic Engineering Department at RUET, Rajshahi offers Graduate (Bachelor of Science in Engineering) course. B.Sc. Engineering is a four year course that prepares the students to enter professional practice of various fields of Glass and Ceramic Engineering or to continue higher studies.